The essence of the Mediterranean on your skin

What does it mean to acquire a unique piece of jewelry?

A piece of jewellery is unique when there is no other piece that is exactly the same. The hand-made elaboration of accessories for women and men using materials such as leather and working the alloys gives each unit its exclusivity. Many types of materials and finishes can be made to serve, with simpler materials, we get a cheaper jewelry.

For this cheaper handmade jewelry, we use simpler materials such as wire, recycled materials, seeds, threads, etc. Even if you do not use high-end materials, you can make very beautiful designs based on different themes, tribal, ethnic, urban, etc.

If, on the contrary, we want a range with more quality, we work with zamak, pewter, copper and brass, plated with a silver, old gold, pink gold or old silver finish.

To these designs we also incorporate Swarovski crystal, natural stones, river pearls, resins, organic cotton spinning, etc. And our flagship material that transmits so much, the skin.

In order to offer a good guarantee, we must pamper the quality of the materials, checking each process of elaboration in detail and making them with much love and technique, so that the result is perfect.

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