You may wonder who is behind L’Art Sana. We are a group of people in love with life, our history began in 2014 when we decided to undertake a project that reflected our nature and our sensitivity. We set up a workshop in a small town in the Sierra de Monserrat, very close to our Mediterranean Sea, where all our creations would be born. The next step was to open our own store in Barcelona to bring our designs to an increasingly wide audience. The surprise was very pleasant, what we managed to transmit through our pieces was so beautiful and positive that we decided to go a little further by sending our collections to different stores throughout the national territory. But we never forget our essence, direct contact with you, the great architects of all this history and for this reason, we open this online store, so that more and more of you can experience the energy that our designs give off.


Our grandparents had magic in their hands and light in their spirit and from them we have inherited their creativity and sensitivity. Like all artists, my grandfather Emilio was versatile, he expressed his vision of life using different techniques. In addition to carving the wood, I made beautiful drawings on paper and each stroke of the charcoal was capable of transporting me to another world. Today my father Marcelino follows in his footsteps, picks up pieces of wood that he chisels with his hands, outlining impossible figures and my eyes are lost in the immensity of his creations. Our paternal grandfather was called Rogelio, he was a recognized master forge, he produced artistic forging and he set a precedent that gave him recognition in the most influential circles of the city. He worked iron in a unique way and was a specialist in filigree with floral and natural motifs.


An incredibly creative woman from Leon who was enthusiastic about turning trunks, dressing up, designing, creating ... In 1991 she moved to Barcelona and was amazed at the spirit of the city and its people. A great entrepreneur, she formed several successful companies, but in 2011 she had to reinvent herself after the hard blow caused by their closure and subsequent life change.


An idealistic and independent charnego, passionate about art and life, hooked on nature in all its forms. He has always believed that in unity there is strength, with this idea he decides to propose to Noélia to join in this challenge that combines passion, creativity and nature, together they shape the project until obtaining the result that both planned. After several companies behind him, he finally manages to build what he had always dreamed of, combining art, vocation and business consolidated by the family.

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